Our Menu

" Master of One is better than Master of None " we aim to be focus on preparing a clear cut menu highlighting on what we can do best where, in this instance " doing less is more " .

We truly believe that " Fresh is Best ". Our Chefs only insist on the freshest quality ingredients.

We have a very generous Chef. Well, that maybe disadvantageous to our food cost, but to you, you will love our large food portions ( most dishes can feed 2 persons, unless you are a big eater or very hungry !) You get real value for your money.

  • Sup Tulang Merah
  • Briyani Dam Kambing
  • Murtabak Zam Zam
  • Mee Kuah Tulang
  • Mee Rebus
  • Tahu Goreng
  • Drinks


Briyani Dam

Chicken RM 13.50
Beef RM 14.00
Mutton RM 15.00

Murtabak Zam Zam

Beef, Chicken or Mutton

Small RM 7.50
Big RM 14.00

Mee Siam Zam Zam RM 6.50
Mee/Meehoon Goreng RM 6.50
Nasi Goreng RM 6.50
Mee Kuah Tulang RM 10.00
Sup Tulang Merah RM 21.00
( Bone Steak )

Malay Favorites

Mee Rebus RM 7.00
Tahu Goreng RM 7.00


Cold Drinks

Ice Lemon Tea RM 3.00
Ice Longan RM 3.00
Ice Longan Tea RM 3.00
Rose Syrup RM 2.00
Rose Syrup Selasih RM 3.00
Air Bandung RM 3.00
Fresh Orange RM 5.50
Fresh Calamansi RM 3.00
Fresh Lime Juice RM 3.00
Bottled Mineral Water RM 2.00
Coke RM 2.00
7-Up RM 2.00
100 Plus RM 2.50
Ice Tea RM 2.50
Nescafe Ice RM 3.00
Ice Coffee RM 2.50
Milo Ice RM 3.00

Hot Drinks

Tea O RM 2.00
Tea RM 2.50
Tea Halia RM 2.50
Hot Lemon Tea RM 2.50
Nescafe O RM 2.00
Nescafe RM 2.50
Coffee O RM 2.00
Coffee RM 2.50
Milo O RM 2.50
Milo RM 3.00