About Zam Zam Restaurant Kuala Lumpur

( In the name of Allah, The Most Gracious. The Most Merciful)


( All praises to Allah)

Assalamualaikum Wrbth ( Peace be upon you) / Welcome,

Zam Zam Restaurant Kuala Lumpur is a brand new 90 seat restaurant which started its business in Kuala Lumpur during the holy month of Ramadan in August 2010.

Located at 135, Jalan Tuanku Abdul Rahman ( adjacent to Frenz Hotel) in the Masjid India Shopping Square.

It is Owned and operated by ZamZam Restaurant Sdn Bhd. A 100% muslim owned company.
Whilst the restaurant may be new, the authentic Indian muslim cuisine it proudly offers has a culinary history that dates back to more than 100 years.

This cuisine was first introduced to the largely muslim population in the Malay archipelago in the 1900 when, the area now called Arab Street, where Sultan Mosque is located in Singapore, was the gathering point for pilgrims from Malaya and Borneo before they set sail on their long journey to Mecca on the big ships to perform their Hajj.

To this day, speciality dishes such as the Murtabak, Briyani, Sup Tulang Merah enjoyed and well liked by our forefathers back then, has become traditional comfort food for us now.

Zam Zam Restaurant Kuala Lumpur aims to keep this cuisine alive to remind us of our roots by continuing to preserve the age old traditional recipes, handed down from forefathers to fathers to sons so that their children’s children too can discover the culinary pleasures of old.

Meanwhile, over time, the cuisine has gained enormous exposure and popularity in a small borderless world of culinary travel and adventure.

Speciality dishes are expertly prepared in a modern display glass kitchen and served by friendly servers in a smokefree, “Food Street” concept restaurant.

Due to its location in the Central Business District, it is a favorite lunch and entertainment venue during the work week and its an ideal place to organize a gathering with friends or family whilst enjoying good food in a comfortable ambience affordably.